Our flagship current title is Bioinformatics Algorithms: An Active Learning Approach ( by Phillip Compeau and Pavel Pevzner.  This bestselling textbook carefully navigates the reader through a number of fundamental problems in the “Wild West” of computational biology, such as how to read an organism’s genome by assembling hundreds of millions of pieces of DNA, or how to construct an evolutionary tree from real-time viral genomes to stop an epidemic in its tracks.

Bioinformatics Algorithms is currently in its second edition and has been adopted by over 50 universities since its first publication in 2014.  It is the print companion of the Bioinformatics Specialization on Coursera, which has attracted 200,000 learners since its launch in 2013.

The “active learning approach” subtitle of this textbook (reflecting our philosophy that textbooks should strive to involve the reader as much as possible) refers to hundreds of “just in time” exercises and code challenges that allow students to test their knowledge at the precise moment this test is appropriate, and to be diverted to remedial modules when they do not succeed.  Code challenges are hosted at Rosalind, an online platform that has helped tens of thousands of users learn bioinformatics and that has been adopted by over 100 professors to power their courses. The map at the bottom of the page illustrates the institutions that have used Bioinformatics Algorithms and/or Rosalind.

Studio-quality lecture videos accompanying each chapter of the textbook, which account for several hundred thousand views, are hosted at YouTube.

The textbook website contains instructor resources in the form of lecture slides as well as hundreds of “FAQs” that our many students have asked over the years and that help instructors choosing to adopt the text stay one step ahead of their students.